Hi everyone. Please, please,leave a break of at least 4 seconds between overs, no matter which talk group you are on and whether on a repeater or hotspot. This will allow other users enough time to disconnect from the talk group or break in to your QSO.


Mod Brandmeister
Peanut enabled XRF925A CQ UK XLX925, CQ-UK Wires-X, Aus-Repeater-Net
Peanut enabled 530 XRF299B NZ National
D DV Dongles
Peanut enabled TG3131383 XRF299E USA
Peanut enabled TGIF969 TGF969 Caribbean, DMR Carribbean
Peanut enabled QRM 31200 XRF299J USA, QRM TGIF Room
K Kiwi chit-chat General rag chews
N DV-Tech Talk
Peanut enabled 53080 XRF299R ROAR YSFRefelector
U UK D-Star
X 53029 D-Star and DMR rag chews